Image Sequence

Existing X-Ray fluoroscopy hardware is used to capture cinematic image sequences of the patient’s lungs under ventilation from five different views.

4DMedical XV LVAS

Utilizing military-grade security technology, 4DMedical conducts the analysis and returns a report that can be accessed by both the clinician and the patient using the XV LVAS platform.

XV LVAS Ventilation Report

A color-coded visualization is generated, showing both coronal and axial slices at peak inspiration, plus a 4-dimensional animation.

The report also quantifies ventilation heterogeneity, which is a widely recognized indicator of lung health.

Laurel Bridge (LB)

  1. Fluoroscopy images are delivered to LB Site Router via the PACS
  2. Prior CT Exams are requested and delivered via hospital PACS to LB Site Router
  3. Fluoroscopy & CT Exam images are de-identified by the LB Site Router and securely sent via the internet to the LB Hub router located at 4DMedical
  4. 4DMedical returns an XV LVAS Ventilation Report via the LB Hub & Site Routers back to the hospital, where it is then re-identified before delivery back into the PACS/RIS.