AccuVent 200

High-frequency ventilation

A highly versatile, small animal ventilator, the AccuVent 200 provides respiratory and preclinical researchers with exceptional accuracy and stability.
The only high-frequency ventilator on the market, it’s capable of measuring air pressure, airflow, and ventilation across a range of volume, pressure and respiratory rates.

Designed for

Highly adaptable, the AccuVent 200 suits a variety of research applications

Suitable for study of

Lung development
Lung function (and its measurement)
Lung injury
High-frequency ventilation
Respiratory allergen response, including asthma
Lung disease, including cystic fibrosis



Dispensing with the traditional piston-driven cylinder arrangement, the only moving parts in the AccuVent’s dual-chamber are the electromechanical valves. Pressure is precisely controlled for both inspiration and expiration.


Designed with novel research in mind, the AccuVent works in a variety of ways to accommodate a multitude of new protocols. You won’t use up precious time switching equipment or swapping parts.


Taking up the bench space of around one A4 sheet of paper, the AccuVent is extremely adaptable. It’s capable of ventilating numerous small laboratory animals, measuring air pressure and flow, and ventilation across a range of volume, pressure and respiratory rates.

Live Feedback

The Accuvent delivers continuous feedback thanks to 4DMedical’s XV Technology. It operates with a simple to use control software interface and features programmable, storable macros for the most complex ventilation strategies.


We understand that repeatability is vital to research. The AccuVent is highly accurate from one experiment to the next. Precise control and the removal of pistons delivering set volumes also means extremely safe experiments, where animals are treated gently.